I started drawing again in my late twenties.   



A few years later, with my very inquisitive children, our regular expeditions to the woods near our home in The Hague became a major source of inspiration. We would bring back the treasures we collected– fragments of wood, wild flowers and insects and place these mementos behind a glass case, bringing nature into our home where its beauty could be appreciated in detail.



My first work featuring flowers was the result of four months of field trips, documenting the changing of the seasons from winter to spring in our city. I captured it in its intricate detail on a large sheet of recycled paper with a ballpoint pen.



Flowers found in nature are central in my work. Focusing on everyday nature in addition to more exotic flowers encourages the perception that beauty surrounds us, if only we take a moment to observe it in detail. A ballpoint pen allows for many nuances, but unlike graphite it cannot be erased. There is nowhere to hide when drawing with pen. Any flaws are embraced to magnify the beauty of nature.






In addition to my fascination for flowers and love for drawing, my work is created by venturing out into the city looking for nature. Both unsightly weeds growing between the cracks of the pavement and spectacular flowers found at the florist round the corner form inspiration for my work.



Using ballpoint pens, white pencil, gouache varnish and recycled paper, I create compositions in which rich detail is combined with irregular, casual shapes, revealing something new each time.