During  “Drawing nature”  Saturday workshop you will focus each time on different media, materials and techniques. You will draw objects found in nature - flowers, leaves, feathers, minerals, insects, skulls, etc. and develop your own ideas and signature. 

5 October 2019:  drawing nature, focus on fineliner



2 November 2019: birds with graphite and coloured pencils


11 January 2020: drawing nature, focus on  combining fineliner and  watercolour 


1 February 2020: flowers with graphite and coloured pencils 



7 March 2020: Shading/hatching techniques in drawing nature 


 4 April 2020: drawing nature, focus on combining fineliner and ink


9 May 2020:  drawing nature, still lives with pastels



6 June 2020: drawing nature, photo realistic objects



4 July 2020: drawing nature, focus on mixed media and materials, such as fineliners, bic pens, graphite, ink, watercolour, coloured paper.



Workshop of 3 hours, once a month on Saturday, 10:30- 13:30 hrs for 30,- EUR. 


All classes take place at KunstPost LOOkatie 364 , Het Kleine Loo 364, The Hague

There is room for 4 to 8 participants.


You can enrol in a course or trial class by clicking on the "Enrol" button below. You will then be able to select the workshop you want to follow.