From ballpoint to something new?


Have you ever tried to develop your own style of drawing or just to improve your drawing skills, only to get stuck after the first few lines you put on paper? And then throw away drawing after drawing without getting past those first lines?  


Some years ago I started a project to force myself to draw without erasing too often or throwing away too often. To do this I used a roll of drawing paper instead of loose sheets and a ballpoint pen instead of a pencil. I observed flowers on our Sunday walks, took pictures in the neighbourhood, and I filled about 5 meters of paper.


Each flower I put on paper was necessary to develop the drawing. Either it could be improved because it was not yet what I wanted, or it was good enough to see if other flowers could be drawn in a similar way. Each flower I put on paper was also impossible to erase. So embracing mistakes, e.g., adding flowers where there weren’t any, changing forms or composition to make up for things that didn’t work out as expected, was also necessary.  


This was the end result. 

In the past months, seeing the different media and materials people use during the courses, I have been longing for more than just a ballpoint pen to draw with.  So, while I keep using a ballpoint pen for virtually all my drawings, I will embark on a new project soon.


I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I know I want to combine different media and materials and I want to stick to a limited colour palette (black, white, grays). I haven’t made up my mind about using a roll of paper or different sheets of paper all in the same format, but I have created a space with the materials I want to use so that they are at hand every time I need them.


For now this is all what I’m going to give away ;-)

Curious?  Stay tuned!

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    Riet Fraanje (Wednesday, 04 April 2018 22:44)

    Interessant! Ben benieuwd hoe het eruit gaat zien!

  • #2

    Helma (Wednesday, 04 April 2018 23:02)

    spannend, op zoek naar nieuwe vormen, een hele uitdaging, geniet ervan