During the course “Drawing nature” you will learn to draw objects found in nature - flowers, leaves, feathers, minerals, insects, skulls, etc. and develop your own ideas and signature.


During the first 4 classes you will improve your drawing skills (from perception to drawing lines, building up tone, and composition) through different exercises. In addition to beautiful natural objects, there will be other materials for inspiration (photos, books, etc.) 


During the last 4 classes you can choose among different programmes depending on your skills, interests and goals: (a) general drawing skills (b) shading/hatching/texture (c) colour (d) mixed-media (pencils, graphite, ink, fineliner, ballpoint pens, watercolour) (e) composition.


Both for the beginner and the experienced learner.





You can choose to work on a personal project after the course has finished. We discuss your ideas and you get advise on which materials and techniques would be most suitable to express your fascinations. You work at the atelier (same day and time of previous classes) and receive feedback and assistance to realise your goals. Of course you can use these classes to just continue working on your general drawing skills.


8 lessons of 2 hours each, starting in September 2019, EUR 175,-

Take a friend to the course and pay both 170,- EUR pp instead of 175,- pp!



3 classes of 2 hrs for 65,- EUR optional after concluding the 8-lesson course.


Tuition language: English

Tuesday evening (19:30-21:30 hrs) course starts on 24/09/2019

Tuition language: Dutch

Thursday evening (19:30-21:30 hrs) course starts on 26/09/2019


All classes take place at KunstPost LOOkatie 364 , Het Kleine Loo 364, The Hague


There is room for 4 to 8 participants.


If you have any questions, please get in touch or come to the trial classes (EUR 10,- pp):

Saturday 21 September at 10:30-12:30 hrs (language: Dutch) or 13:30-15:30 hrs (language: English)


You can enrol in a course or trial class by clicking on the "Enrol" button below. You will then be able to select the course or trail class you want to follow.