New year's organising...

I have collected a remarkable amount of interesting and useful objects from nature over the past months. Mostly plants, but not only. Most of them come from walks we made. Some I have bought to draw and then dried.  Here is a peek behind the scenes.

Except for some minor misfortune such as the moulded berries :-( the collection is growing.

With the drawing courses starting at the end of January, I thought it would be good to see if any of it could be used during the lessons (or for my own practice!) and ended up making these three flower portraits.



Last but not least, thanks to the gifts of the participants of the last Drawing Nature course my collection has gained a few new items (this time not only plants!)


In addition to the dried flowers, there are (clockwise) a crucifix fish bone, a dried frog, a small egg and a cow tooth (I think!).



And the crucifix fish bone is marvellous up close!

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